FAA Child Care Subsidy Program

Child care can be extremely expensive for FAA families. But without quality child care arrangements, working parents are hard-pressed to remain effective either at work or at home. Public Law 107-67, Section 630, enacted November 12, 2001 authorizes the use of appropriated funds by Executive agencies to provide child care services for Federal civilian employees.

The FAA Child Care Subsidy Program is intended to provide an incentive for the use of safe and reliable day care and thus, to improve FAA employee productivity and morale. FAA employees who meet the specific eligibility requirements included in this program description may apply for Child Care Subsidy assistance. This benefit is based on the availability of funds each fiscal year.

FAA has contracted with CTRMG., a private administrative services organization, to manage this program. Please visit our website to learn more about CTRMG.

For more information about this program, click here.

For an applicant package, please download Applicant Package.

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