We are proud to have worked with the following customers:

“[CTRMG employee] has been very responsive, timely, and direct with all of her guidance and actions. She has taken time to reach out and communicate with me and my managers regarding some difficult decisions. Just this morning I thanked her again for her customer service. I am really grateful that CTRMG is part of the DHS/OIG team.”

Tiara Harper, Human Resources Specialist (COR) — U.S.
Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General

“I wanted to thank [CTRMG] for your leadership and efforts. There is always a well thought out agenda, you follow it, you always ask for all school input (and listen to it!), and you don’t stretch out the meeting to be an hour just because it’s set to an hour. It is so refreshing. Thank you!”

Catherine A Lamoureux, Education Program Specialist —
U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute

U.S. Department of State
Foreign Services Institute
Administrative and Training Program Support


NASA – HR Support Services
(Astronaut Selection, Professional Development, Workforce Strategy, Human Resources Systems, Hiring and Training)

“Of particular note was CTRMG’s support during the various
transition activities whereupon contract tasks shifted to other
NASA centers or were brought in house. CTRMG continued to
perform tasks in a seamless manner ensuring all requirements
were met. Furthermore, CTRMG readily embraced OCHCO’s
new way of doing business and continued to provide high quality
products. In addition, CTRMG performed in an exceptional
manner during the furlough, with so much uncertainty during
this period CTRMG performed in an outstanding manner. ”

Cheryl Bass, Contracting Officer – National Aeronautics and Space
Administration, Johnson Space Center

U.S. Department of the Army
Engineering Support Services
HR Support Services – HR Solutions – Personnel Lifecycle Support
HR Support Services – HR Solutions – Recruiting, Management and Administrative Support Services

Veterans Benefits Administration
IT Support Services

Grants Management Support Services

Federal Aviation Administration
Records Management and Administrative Support Services
Mail, Warehousing & Distribution Support Services

Executive, Administrative, Technical Writing, Event Planning and Customer Service support services

Financial Support Services

Health Resources Services Administration
HR Support Services

Washington Headquarters Service
Acquisition Support Services

Executive Office of the President
Acquisition Support Services

Department of Energy
Grants Management Support Services

FSI-State Department
Administrative and Training Support Services

Acquisition Support Services
Legal and FOIA Processing Support Services

Mailroom and Related Facilities Support Services

U.S. Department of the Navy
Executive Coaching Services
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